Our Testimonials

J E Anderson

12 | 02 | 16

I was unable to get out of this rut I was in. I owed $631,132.12 to the IRS. I lost my business and I had no way of paying this amount in my life time. I can even begin to tell you how this has changed my life. Moving all the time, looking over my shoulder for the IRS. Afraid to answer my phone. Trying to Fly under the radar, where no one knows me, living 2 lives. I worked a self employed job that pay cash. I see my life falling a part, with no way out. Then I got a post card in mail. I called THE TAX HERO I They gave me back my life! I open a bank account. I am not hiding, and I wonder how many people are living like I was, if you tax issues CALL THE TAX HERO. Ask for Harvey he will take care of you!

B. Drake

12 | 01 | 16

I got a bank levy letter for $11,012.34. I went into panic! I couldn't sleep! In the morning I called my bank. They are not on your side! They had frozen my money! The good news was I didn't have $11, 012.34. I called my attorney they won't returned my call. I called THE TAX HERO, it took less than 15 minutes on the phone for him to lift the levy. They gave me peace of mind, and map out a plan for me. He gave me back my life. If you get a letter Call THE TAX HERO, They will help you!

F Cohn

08 | 22 | 16

I received this letter that said I owed $91,916.77! I was in a panic, I had no idea what this was about. I called the TAX HERO, and Harvey took over. I gave him power of attorney and he went into action. He stopped the collection action on my case with one phone call. He file some forms and wrote a letter. And I paid ZERO taxes!! Don't stay awake a night wondering what your going to do. Do what I did CALL THE TAX HERO