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What We Do

Welcome to our services page! With decades of experience we have mastered everything tax resolution. Let our team offer you assistance in everything tax resolution related, tax liens, irs payments, back taxes owed, innocent spouse relief and much more.

The one thing that sets us apart from other tax resolution companies is our loyalty to the customer. We can boast about our intimate knowledge of the IRS, or the thousands we have saved previous clients, and while we assure you we do these things better than our competition, the Tax Hero difference is in our Loyalty to the customer. We understand how embarrassing back taxes owed can be, we know that itís confusing trying to figure out about tax liens. We will be beside you to figure out whatever tax issue you have, and we will offer not only the knowledge but human empathy that is too often lost on profit focused companies. We are there for you to hear your individual story, and find your personalized solution.

We not only offer empathy and decades of knowledge, we also take the time to understand your individual circumstances. The details of your unique tax lien or innocent spouse relief request need to be fully understood, in order to find the best possible solution for you. We donít rush through your paperwork and get you out the door. We are your neighbors, we live in your communities, and we want to help you recover from this setback. Find Tax resolution with us today, pick a team that is here to listen to you with empathy, and take the time to truly understand your unique situation and come up with a wholly personalized plan based on that.

As you can tell we are more than the decades of experience we have, we offer more than just tax resolution. We deliver empathy and loyalty to all of our clients, and take the time to understand them. Take a look at our services below to see all that we can help you with.